Regular readers of SFW may recall this case of the Imam of a mosque in Florida, who was accused of sending $50,000 to the Taliban.

We have posted on the case a couple of times since it opened almost 2 years ago:

We finally are approaching closure in this case, with the conviction of┬áHafiz Khan, the Imam of a Miami mosque, in federal court this week. The next step will be sentencing. He could receive a sentence of up to 15 years in prison (a ridiculously light sentence for providing material support to a Jihadist organization which has been fighting against US GIs for a decade). Since Khan is 77 years old, however, he will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars–which is just where he belongs.

It is worth noting that Khan is the second Imam convicted of material support for terrorism this week. Another Imam in San Diego, California was convicted of providing material support for Al Qaeda-affiliated Al Shabaab in Somalia:

The fact that Imams are being convicted of providing money to Jihadists goes squarely against the narrative that Jihad is merely the product of a fringe element of “violent extremists” who have hijacked Islam…




4 Responses to Florida Imam Convicted of Sending $50,000 to the Taliban

  1. For a good understanding of zakat, see

    ZAKAT: A Warfare Funding Mechanism,

  2. For a good understanding of how zakat supports jihad, see

    Dogmatic Basis of Jihad and Martyrdom

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