In the wake of last week’s horrific Jihadist terrorist attack in Boston, we have seen very little discussion as to the possible financial aspects of the Tsarnaev brothers’ Jihad.

By all accounts, the Tsarnaevs were far from destitute. Yet there is no indication anywhere that they had jobs. They evidently had credit cards, so their transactions can be tracked. They had an apartment, one wife, a child, at least one car and a health club membership. One traveled overseas, the other reportedly liked to smoke pot. Both of their parents were back in Russia.

How were they living? How were they supporting themselves?

Beyond these specific questions focusing on the Tsarnaevs, there is the wider issue of the Chechan jihad overall and luckily there has been some analysis as to the financial aspects of that warfare to establish the religion. It comes to us courtesy of Money Jihad blog:

First, Money Jihad blog introduces us to the “Islamic International Peacekeeping Brigade,” which was identified long ago as the primary conduit for funding the Chechan Jihadis. Where did the money come from? From Saudi Arabia, of course…

Next, Money Jihad brings back an important report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), which points out the role that the internet has played in fundraising for Caucasus jihad…It will be especially interesting to see if these web sites played any role in activating the Tsarnaev brothers…




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