Newsmax has an interesting article today about how Al Qaeda is funded, though we can’t say that it is altogether well done.

Arnaud De Borchgrave seems to buy into the whole “self-radicalization” myth in which Jihadis sitting in their boxer shorts surfing the internet suddenly decide that they hate the West and need to commit atrocities.

Like our own political leaders, he also focuses too much on Al Qaeda alone, as if they are the only enemy whose funding sources need to be tracked down and eliminated. Jihad is a doctrinal aspect of Shariah and the global Islamic insurgency goes well beyond Al Qaeda, both in depth and breadth.

We also suspect that the Newsmax article exaggerates the impact of the US Treasury’s efforts at drying up terrorism financing. The figures that Treasury has claimed in the past amount to small amounts of money and there has been a total denial at the US Treasury Department about the role of zakat–and Shariah Finance–in financing jihad.



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