Generally speaking the term “Jihad with Money” is associated most with the notorious Sheikh Youssef al-Qaradawi, the Sunni world’s foremost Shariah scholar and spiritual leader for the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood.

Qaradawi introduced Westerners to the term in 2006 in an interview with the BBC when he explained that zakat donations to Muslim charities were in fact “jihad with money.”

There are others in the Jihadist world who feel the same way.

According to the IDF blog, HAMAS, the Jihadist terrorist organization whose goal is to replace Israel with an Islamic state ruled by Shariah, recently posted an article online that defined “jihad with money” and admitted for all to see that they use charitable donations to wage violent Jihad…

The term ‘Jihad with Money’ has two different meanings, the article’s author suggests.

“The general meaning [of the term] is to give money to charitable causes for the pleasure of God Almighty: to help the poor and needy, construct hospitals, mosques, schools, colleges and universities, [to assist] orphans and students, and help the unemployed.”

That sounds like an respectable concept – until you read on for the ‘special’ meaning.

“The special meaning: to make money for combat, such as the purchase of weapons, gear and clothing, and to develop the means to build factories for weapons and to support the families of the Mujahideen [terror fighters] and their families.”

Read more about HAMAS and its jihad with money at the IDF blog:


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