Periodically, during the course of our research, we come across examples of confirmation of Islamic doctrine identifying the acceptable destinations for zakat (Muslim tithing). Invariably, number 7 on the list of 8 destinations for zakat is jihad.

This isn’t come rare, obscure practice. It is mainstream practice and it is part of Shariah.

There is a connection to Shariah-Compliant Finance here since there is a mandatory zakat component with Shariah-compliance.

The latest confirmation we discovered comes from Bangladesh, specifically the Ahsania Mission Zakat Fund.

On its “Zakat in Islam” page on its web site, the Ahsania Fund identifies and explains the 8 acceptable destinations for zakat. Here is number 7:

Fisabillillah – One who fights for the cause of Allah.

Here is a link to that page for confirmation:

That doesn’t end our analysis though.

The Ahsania Fund doesn’t just collect money in Bangladesh. It lists contacts and addresses for zakat donations in the USA, UK, Australia and Canada:

Now, we have no definite indication that the Ahsania Fund collects and distributes money for jihad, but we do know this:

1. The Ahsania Mission Zakat Fund collects zakat money on 4 continents.

2. On its web site the Ahsania Mission Zakat Fund lists the 8 categories of people to whom zakat may be distributed.

3. Number 7 is “One who fights in the cause of Allah”



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