Everyone needs to check out the blockbuster report on The Daily Caller which pulls back the veil on CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations.

The report demonstrates that CAIR is essentially running a foreign influence operation. Unable to support their activities from domestic sources, CAIR has turned to overseas oil-rich Islamists.

International donors, like the government of Qatar, have made donations to “CAIR.” CAIR deposits such donations into whatever bank account it chooses: its own non-reporting lobbying account or CAIR Foundation’s 501(c)(3) charitable tax deductible bank account. CAIR can then move the money to CAIR Foundation with no reporting requirements.

According to an attachment to the foundation’s Form 1023, the government of Qatar has given  $405,000 over a 5 year period. This figure doesn’t include the foreign money that could come in through the lobbying arm, CAIR-AN, which has given $1,080,000 during that same period. These donors include:

Embassy of the UAE – $219,563
Kingdom Holding Company, Saudi Arabia – $199,980
National Bank of Fujairah, UAE – $100,000
Red Crescent, Abu Dhabi, UAE – $99,985
Bin Hammodah Properties, Abu Dhabi UAE – $44,985

Read the entire report…





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