There is a nice column over on OpEdNews by a man named Brian Lynch touching on Saudi Arabia’s funding of Jihadist terrorism.

The column doesn’t break any new ground, but it does provide links to other recent columns by other authors dealing with the same subject matter. It is also interesting in that the column appears to be written from a Leftist viewpoint, judging from the links to, an organization funded by George Soros and one that has shilled for Shariah in the USA, the very goal that the Saudis and the Jihadists they sponsor have been striving for from Day One.

The other evidence is the reference to the Bush family’s close ties to the Sauds, which is no doubt true. But this of course completely overlooks the large, close financial relationship that the Clintons have to the Saudis as well, not to mention President Obama’s obsequiousness toward the rulers of Saudi Arabia.

The fact is, more than a generation of American politicians have been bought and paid for by Saudi petrodollars–which are sent liberally across both sides of the political spectrum.

This brings us to some details that Lynch’s column leaves out. Lynch quotes a Wikileaks cable in which Hillary Clinton acknowledges that Saudi donations have been supporting the Taliban and Lashkar-e-Taiba. But that’s as close as he comes to explaining how it all works.

Allow us to step in here.

What happens in Saudi Arabia is the government gets plausible deniability by running funding for Jihad from private, uber-wealthy Saudis through Islamic charities with legitimate sounding names. These Saudi charities then customarily send money to groups around the world, often local charitable organizations in places like Pakistan and the West Bank and Gaza. These local charitable organizations are of course fronts for Jihadist terrorist groups, such as HAMAS, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

This is why dozens of Islamic charities worldwide have been implicated and shut down by the US Treasury, British authorities and other Western governments.

We have detailed this activity on SFW for years and it’s happening around the world, including right here in the USA (the most famous case being the Holy Land Foundation).

The 9/11 Commission report detailed all of this several years ago, but unfortunately our lapdog media have essentially ignored the story. I personally know of one prominent conservative online news organization for which a journalist was researching a report on Islamic charities funding Jihad in 2012. We opened up our archives and background research to the journalist and conducted multiple phone interviews, only to find out that the news organization had spiked the story.

So what is the connection here to Shariah-Compliant Finance?

The connection is very clear and straightforward and Wall Street and Fleet Street HATE it when we point this out.

In order for a transaction or financial institution to be Shariah-compliant, 1/40 of its assets must be donated through the infamous system of tithing in Islam known as zakat. Those payments are typically made to–you guessed it–Islamic charities. And if you check the Shariah law texts and manuals as to the acceptable destinations for zakat, you find that there are eight. Number seven is “those fighting in the way of Allah.” And that is further defined as those engaged in Islamic military operations for whom there is no allotment on an Army roster. It may as well just say: Zakat goes to Jihadist terrorists.”

And that is how the Saudis fund Jihadist terrorism through Islamic charities.



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