For well over a decade, Westerners have watched with concern as the UK has become more and more Islamisized.

As part of that insidious process, some 85 Shariah courts currently operate in the country as a parallel legal system.

Now the British embrace of Shariah is about to become more complete. As we have reported frequently in recent years, there has been a movement among politicians in the UK to make London the Western center for Shariah-compliant finance.

That process got a big boost this week with the report that British chancellor of the exchequer, George Osborne has decided that the UK will become the first Western nation to issue a Shariah-compliant bond, known as a sukuk.

For a Western nation to issue sovereign debt in a Shariah-compliant fashion is profound capitulation. It is playing directly into the hands of the financial jihadists’ program of Islamic imperialism. In short, that program can be expressed thusly:

“If you want our oil wealth, you must follow our law.”

Apologists will try to explain away this atrocious development, but the fact is, this represents the surrender of Great Britain to Shariah.


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