Every chance we get at SFW, we feel the need to point out that the Islamic system of tithing, known as zakat, is a method that is used to fund jihad.

Our latest evidence comes from a forum on the Islamic community web site, Ummah.org. This information is contained in a thread on the forum dealing with the rules for zakat and charity.

Here is the second post under that thread. Note the second to last category:

  1. The only Muslims who are eligible for Al-Zakat are: 

    Al-Fuqaraa poor Muslims, 
    Al-Masakeen needy Muslims, 
    Al-‘Aamileen A’liyha those genuine Collectors and distributors of the funds, 
    Al-Mu’alafati Qolubouhum new Muslims, 
    Fil-Riqaab Slave Muslims who wish to free themselves, 
    Al-Gharimeen Muslims who have lawful debts and/or bloodmoney to pay,
    Fi-Sabeelillah Muslims fighters i.e. Al-Mujahideen and
    IbnAl-Sabeel the wayward Muslim travelers 

    and this is an Obligation from Allah for He is Al-A’leem Al-Hakeem” [EMQ 9:60].


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