The military web site Strategy Page has an interesting synopsis of the largely successful efforts to counter jihad in Bangladesh.

In that synopsis, the folks at Strategy Page detail the role of Islamic charities in supporting and spreading jihad:

JMB (Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh) survived largely through the efforts of local and foreign Islamic charities, including al Qaeda’s International Islamic Front (IIF). These groups finance good works as well as discreetly supporting more radical solutions to social problems. JMB wants to establish a religious dictatorship in Bangladesh, seeing that as the ultimate solution to the nation’s social problems. Most Bangladeshis prefer to keep their democracy, as inefficient as it may be at times.

As long as JMB can get cash from other Moslems (especially those in the wealthy oil states of Arabia) they can keep going. This financial support has to be handled carefully and much of the cash arrives via hawala (a traditional and informal banking network). For many years internationally banned Islamic charities linked to terrorist funding continued to operate in Bangladesh. NGOs like the RIHS (Revival of Islamic Heritage Society), AHIM (Al Harmain Islamic Foundation) and other semi-legitimate groups were eventually directly linked to financing Islamic radical groups and shut down in Bangladesh and elsewhere.


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