An Ontario Superior Court of Justice awarded $7-million worth of Iranian state assets in Canada to victims of terrorism.

Money that Iran had stashed in Canadian bank accounts, as well as two properties in Toronto and Ottawa, will soon be liquidated for distribution.

Sheriffs have been ordered to sell Iran’s properties, empty its bank accounts and divide the proceeds between several terror victims.

This groundbreaking verdict brought to an end four lawsuits filed in Ontario, Nova Scotia and British Columbia by terror victims seeking damages from Iran for training, arming and financing Hamas and Hezbollah.

The suits followed the enactment in 2012 in Canada of the Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act, which permitted those harmed by terrorists to seek damages from the state sponsors of their attackers. The Canadian government also amended the State Immunity Act to allow such lawsuits.

One of the plaintiffs is a Canadian, Vancouver dentist Sherri Wise, who was badly injured by a HAMAS Islamikaze bomber. The other plaintiffs are American terror victims who came to Canada to collect on judgments awarded by U.S. courts.

Needless to say, the Iranians are squealing like stuck pigs. An Iranian foreign ministry spokeswoman called the verdicts “politically motivated” and of “no legal value.”

Iran’s Tasnim news agency and state-controlled broadcaster FARS claimed the ruling was based on “the fabricated allegation” that Iran supported terrorist groups and even had the gall to remind Canada of its international commitment to protect diplomatic properties! (This from the nation who made invading foreign embassies a national sport.)

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