The underlying basis for Jihadist terrorism lies in Islamic doctrine, based upon the Quran, the Hadith and the Sirah.

Perhaps the strictest adherents to Islamic doctrine are the Salafists, such as the Wahhabis who run Saudi Arabia. This sect of Sunni Islam spawned Al Qaeda, the Taliban and ISIS, among others.

It also is responsible for Boko Haram, the horrifically evil Jihadist terrorist group in Nigeria.

…the Saudis are deeply involved in the growing jihad. They are using their vast oil wealth to pay for non-governmental groups to go head-to-head with Christian non-governmental groups.

Islamic development work among non-Muslims is performed as a form of Dawah (the Islamic act of inviting conversion) to gain more converts to Islam. These NGOs have focused their work, first of all, on development and relief issues in Sub-Saharan Africa in the name of jihad and the cause of converting more people to Islam…

…the Saudis are paying the tab for the radicalization.

The Saudis’ Wahhabist-Salafist ideology can be seen in Nigeria’s Boko Haram group.

The founder of Boko Haram set up a group of schools that were being funded by Saudi charities. This network of schools continues to exist, and Boko Haram recruits directly from those schools…

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