There are few things in life more infuriating than obviously misguided, flawed strategy and tactics employed in war. Unfortunately, the way that the Obama administration has prosecuted the war on terror…or overseas contingency operations…or whatever they’re calling it these days…provides blatant examples of flawed, misguided strategy and tactics.

As SFW, Money Jihad blog and other sources have covered pretty extensively, the Islamic State funds much of its activity through oil revenue. That SHOULD mean that taking out the oil industry infrastructure in areas that the Islamic State controls would be a top priority.

But in Obamaworld, that doesn’t happen. In Obamaworld, the primary source of enemy funding gets spared in the name of environmentalism. Read the article linked below and try not to weep.

We are truly through the looking glass.

One gets the impression that if the current crew was around in WW2, US Navy JAG officers would be prosecuting US Navy submarine commanders for sinking Japanese and German oil tankers.



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