German police arrested ten Muslim men suspected of robbing churches and schools to fund the Islamic State.

The Jihadis, ranging in age from 22 to 58 years old, were from several German cities (Cologne, Siegen, Bergisch-Gladbach, Kreuztal, and Netphen) suggesting widespread Jihadist activity in Germany. Over 240 police officers took part in raids leading to the arrests.

The police report that a group of forty-four Muslim men have been under their surveillance since May 2013. It is believed that the ten arrested were from among them.

One of the churches robbed was in Cologne and was hit back in December of last year. The burglars stole liturgical vessels and a monstrance. This is classic Jihadi doctrine and has been seen throughout Syria where Islamic State Jihadis have commonly looted Christian churches of religious objects and artifacts.

German Prosecutor Ulf Willuhn said the men arrested are suspected of supporting numerous terrorist organizations. Authorities also believe one of the men helped three German citizens join the Islamic State to wage Jihad.



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