Loretta Napoleoni, author of the excellent “Terror Incorporated,” has just conducted an excellent interview on the funding of Jihad.

Her main message: Terrorism cannot persist without government funding:

Generally what happens is that an armed organisation is bankrolled by a state or very wealthy organization or individual… Then, once the group has established itself, if it is good enough, it can actually privatize the business of terrorism, to find a way to fund itself. This is exactly what happened to Islamic State. From 2011 to 2013 it was bankrolled by various countries, for example Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar – and then, once it has established itself in the region, it wanted to control and privatize the business of terrorism, so it started running strategic resources together with a lot of population and it didn’t need the money anymore. And this is when the terrorist organization can actually act independently and do whatever it wants.



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