Long-time readers of SFW know that one of the principle concerns of Shariah Finance and of terrorism financing in general is the role of Islamic charities, many of which have been found to fund Jihad.

As we’ve covered fairly extensively over the years, Islamic law mandates or permits (depending on which school of Islamic jurisprudence one adheres to) the use of zakat funds to go to Jihad.

Recently we came across an Islamic charity which would seem to epitomize the trouble with Islamic charities: the Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation, a charity named for the tyrannical and evil father of the Islamic revolution in Iran.

It’s significant and interesting that among the regions and countries to receive aid from this charity are Pakistan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Palestine, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Kosovo, Chechnya, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. All of these places are, or have been, overrun with Jihad.

What are the odds that a charity named after a notorious, tyrannical Jihadist isn’t involved in Jihad itself?




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