The Al-farouq web site which is directly affiliated with the Al-Qaeda terror network published a web book entitled “The 39 Principles of Jihad”

The book was written by Mohammad Bin Ahmad Al-Salem and is claimed to have been written in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 2003.

Several of the 39 principles listed by Al-Salem directly relate to finance Jihad and providing financial support to those who wage Jihad, as well as their families:

4. Financing Jihad – Muslims can take part in the Jihad by making donations dedicated to the Jihad and the Mujahideen. The donation’s value is determined by its quality and destination and not by the sum total which is donated.

5. Supplying the fighters’ needs – A believer who is unable to take part in the Jihad (for instance women and handicapped) can perform his duty by supplying the Mujahideens’ needs in money and equipment. By doing so the donator is considered Mujahid and deserves the same reward.

6. Taking care of the Mujahid’s family – A believer who supplies a Mujahid’s family needs is considered Mujahid and deserves half of his reward. If one neglects this act it may bring him misfortune and death by the hands of God.

7. Assisting the fallens’ families – by supplying the special needs of the orphans and widows.

8. Assisting the families of prisoners and wounded fighters – by supplying their necessities.

9. Fund raising for the Mujahideen – money is the lifeline of the Jihad. Its importance also stems from gathering donations which would arouse the spirit of Jihad in the believers’ hearts. There are many ways of carrying out this duty: in mosques, public places, family gatherings, charity events, monthly donation or by urging the wealthy to open their hands to the Mujahideen.

10. Granting charity donations to the Mujahideens – who enjoy priority status in Islam.

11. Financing medical treatment for wounded Mujahideen

38. Boycotting enemy’s commodities – as part of the economic Jihad. Israelis know this as BDS or The Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions Movement.

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