Weapons worth 27,000 euros have been discovered on the Kuashi brothers and Amedy Coulibaly, who committed terror attacks in France.

The Kuashi brothers, who attacked on the office of the magazine Charlie Hebdo, had weapons and ammunition worth 15,000 euros on them. They were armed with 10 Molotov cocktails, 3 cartridge clips, 1 police siren, 2 AKS-74 automatic rifles, 1 RPG grenade launcher, 2 masks, 10 gas grenades, 2 Glock pistols, and 1 hand grenade.

 The inventory of Amedy Coulibaly,who broke into a market to demand the Kuashi brothers’ release while they were being chased, is valued at 12,000 euros.

He had 1 Smith Wesson Tanto knife, armored clothing, 1 armored clothing, 1 revolver, 1 AKS-74 automatic rifle, 4 automatic cartridge clips, 1 mask, 10 cartridge clips of various guns, 1 “VZ61” automatic rifle, 2 tear gas grenades, electroshock weapon, explosive substances, binoculars, and 2,500 euros.


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