SFW has long focused on the role of Islamic charities in funding Jihad. This is a chief concern surrounding Shariah-compliant finance because of the byproduct of Shariah finance in which funds are funneled to Islamic charities as zakat or to “purify” impurities in portfolios.

As we have detailed scores of times over the years, here we have yet another probe in the UK of Islamic charities involved in impropriety…which often leads to the conclusion that money has been provided to Jihadists…

TWO ISLAMIC charities that raised at least £1m between them for “refugees in war torn Syria and Palestine” and “victims of natural disasters in Pakistan” are facing probes into “significant financial irregularities”

The Light Charity UK (TLC) received more than £400,000 in one year, but after paying staff was left with just £8,000 for charitable causes, while the connected Fatimiyya Trust pulled in over £162,000 but had ZERO left after making a loss by spending close to £170,000 on staff and support costs. 

The Charity Commission is to carry out separate inquiries into the two west London-based organisations which raised more than £1m between them from 2010 to 2012 and have failed to file subsequent accounts, so the total sum is unknown and could be significfantly higher.




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