Center for Security Policy Vice President Ben Lerner has penned an important piece for US News & World Report detailing how the financial windfall Iran will garner from the nuclear deal will enable the Islamic republic to expand its military drone operations…

Whatever one believes about whether the deal will prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, the deal will undeniably free up more money for Iran, with various sources estimating between $100 and $150 billion in the form of unfrozen assets and other sanctions relief. And there is no real dispute about how the new funds would be put to use – members of President Barack Obama’s own team, including national security adviser Susan Rice, Gen. Paul Selva, the new vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and acting Undersecretary of the Treasury for terrorism and financial crimes Adam Szubin, have all acknowledged that Iran will use that money to ramp up its sponsorship of global jihadist terrorism.

But what might that look like, up to $150 billion later?

There is a high probability that a newly cash-infused Iran will mean not just more terrorist attacks against our troops and our allies, but more terrorist attacks with more advanced hardware. One item to be especially concerned about in this regard: Iranian drones.



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