By Christopher Holton

Yale has now joined its Ivy League rival Harvard by establishing a center designed to promote Shariah in America.

And, just like Harvard, Yale has prostituted itself to do so by taking a $10 million inducement from a wealthy Saudi financier who made his fortune in none other than Shariah-compliant finance.

That donor is none other than Saleh Abdullah Kamel, who is considered one of the fathers of modern Shariah finance. He has been involved with Shariah-compliant institutions across the Middle East and in Pakistan, Indonesia and Malaysia. He is estimated to be worth over $19 billion, so the $10 million dollar lubricant that he offered Yale amounts to pocket change.

Indeed, Yale is a cheap date evidently.

There is much more to Kamel than meets the eye of course.

He is prominent in the Islamic Development Bank, the financial dawah arm of the nefarious Organization for Islamic Cooperation, which promotes Shariah around the world through financial largesse.

He was a founding member and shareholder of Al Shamal Islamic Bank, a Shariah-compliant bank founded by Osama Bin Laden himself that was used to funnel money to Jihadis around the world.

Kamel also is Chairman of Al Baraka Islamic Bank, which was named in a lawsuit filed by the families of those killed on September 11, 2001.

This deal couldn’t stink worse than it does.

Yale has sold its soul to a person who provided material support for Jihadist terrorism and is now participating in the promotion of the enemy threat doctrine.

Disgusting and disgraceful.


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