The recently released report by the British government on the Muslim Brotherhood indicates that, not only is the Muslim Brotherhood tied to terrorism, but so are Islamic charities in the UK.

This makes it all the more confounding that policymakers in the UK have decided not to shut down the Muslim Brotherhood’s operations there…

Muslim Brotherhood supporters use Britain as a base to support terrorist groups in the Palestinian territories, a government report into the Islamist organisation has found.


Mr Cameron said: “Parts of the Muslim Brotherhood have a highly ambiguous relationship with violent extremism. Both as an ideology and as a network it has been a rite of passage for some individuals and groups who have gone on to engage in violence and terrorism.


“The main findings of the review support the conclusion that membership of, association with, or influence by the Muslim Brotherhood should be considered as a possible indicator of extremism.”

An 11-page summary links a number of British Muslim groups and charities to the organization…


“Though never publicly acknowledged by the Muslim Brotherhood, charities in the UK are an important part of the Hamas and Brotherhood infrastructure in this country,” it states.’



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