Posted by Christopher W. Holton

Palestinian Islamic Jihad  has reportedly suspended payments to its terrorists for three months.

The suspension has occurred despite Iran’s recent pledge to continue to fund Islamic Jihad.

No Iranian money has been transferred and the reason for the delay is reportedly unknown.

For decades, Iran sent hundreds of millions of dollars to Islamic Jihad, but, because of disputes over the Syrian war and the conflict in Yemen, Iran recently cut the Jihadist organization off.

In August, Islamic Jihad resumed its ties Iran.

The rapprochement was supposed to result in renewed financing, but actual payments have apparently yet to be made.

Islamic Jihad’s leaders believe that the reason for the lack of funding is Iran’s growing involvement in the Syrian, Yemeni, and Iraqi conflicts, combined with the only limited lifting of sanctions, which have severely constrained Iran’s budget, following the nuclear agreement with the United States.

On the other hand, some observers believe that Iran has decided to switch their funding to a Palestinian Islamic Jihad spin-off known as  Alsabareen, which tends to align itself more closely to Iran.



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