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Al Arabiya is a major news organization out of the United Arab Emirates. It has also become a player in the isolation of Qatar engineered by Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain. (Qatar deserves the isolation.)

Al Arabiya has taken the unusual step of naming wealthy Qataris who it says have funded Jihad. Some of this information was already widely known, but it is still unusual for Al Arabiya to single these men out publicly.

Note that at least one of the names on the list was an employee of the Central Bank of Qatar. It is worth noting that Yusuf al-Qaradawi, spiritual guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, is the chief shariah scholar of the Qatari central bank.

It is also notable that the Qataris were funding Al Qaeda affiliates and Jihadis in Afghanistan who were waging combat against U.S. troops…

Abdulrahman Al-Nuaimi:

Abdulrahman Al-Nuaimi is one of the most prominent financiers of terrorist groups, primarily al-Qaeda. According to the US Department of the Treasury, Al-Naimi transferred large sums of money from Qatar to al-Qaeda in Syria via al-Qaeda representative Abu Khaled al-Suri.

US intelligence revealed that al-Nuaimi also financed al-Qaeda in Iraq back in 2001 by sending $2 mln per month to the organization for a year.

Furthermore, the US Treasury proved that Al-Nuaimi financed Al-Shabaab Militant group in Somalia after he had converted a quarter of a million dollars in mid-2012.

Khalifa Muhammad Turki al-Subaiy:

Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan also had a large share of Qatari funds, through Khalifa Muhammad Turki al-Subaiy.

He is a former employee of the Central Bank of Qatar and has been accused of providing financial support to al-Qaeda leader Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and al-Qaeda fighters in Syria who moved from Afghanistan.

Abdul Latif Al-Kawari and Issa Al-Baker:

Abdul Latif al-Kawari and Issa al-Baker were also officially accused of funding al-Qaeda in Pakistan.

In early 2012, al-Kawari facilitated the international travel of a courier carrying tens of thousands of dollars designated for Al Qaeda. Later that same year he, according the US Treasury Department, “worked…to coordinate the delivery of funding from Qatari financiers intended to support Al Qaeda and to deliver receipts confirming that al-Qaeda received foreign donor funding from Qatar-based extremists.”

Saad al-Kaabi:

A donation campaign by Saad al-Kaabi was also carried out in favor of the Nusra Front in Syria three years ago.

Salim Hasan Khalifa and Rashid al-Kawari:

The two Qatar partners Salim Hassan Khalifa and Rashid al-Kawari, who are listed on the international terrorism list, are accused of funding al-Qaeda with hundreds of thousands of dollars, providing logistical support and facilitating the transfer of extremist elements to Afghanistan.


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