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Linked below is a rather typical example of the taqiyya that is used to promote Shariah-compliant finance, in this case Islamic banking.

Practitioners of Shariah-finance are fond of defining it simply as “interest free.”

There is much more to Shariah finance besides the interest-free aspect.

First of all, the term “interest free” is misleading in itself in that it implies banks lend money for free. Nothing could be further from the truth. They may not call it interest, but Shariah loans involve charges and fees.

Secondly, there are myriad rules surrounding Shariah finance besides prohibitions on interest. Two of those involve zakat donations and purification of misused funds, both of which go to any number of 8 destinations, depending on which school of Shariah involved. One of those destinations is “those fighting in the way of Allah,” which means those waging Jihad.

That’s why so many Muslim charities have been implicated in funding terrorism.

It’s particularly outrageous that the author of the article linked below would dismiss such concerns about Islamic banking given that he is writing for a publication in Kashmir.

Back in 2008 a Jihadist group tied to the conflict in Kashmir killed 165 innocent civilians in a bloody attack on Mumbai, India. That group was Lashkar e Taiba (LeT). LeT was greatly aided by a charitable affiliate in their Jihadist activities…

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