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Down in Australia, Zakaria Zaatiti is being tried for shooting two teenagers back in August.

Details of the shooting aren’t complete in the article linked below but we do know that Zaatiti was denied bail, at least partially because he had conducted internet searches for “rocket propelled grenade,” “Islamic State,” “,” and “Christmas day attacks” which suggests Jihadi inclinations at the very least.

Not surprisingly, Zaatiti and his lawyer are pulling the victim card claiming that the judge is biased against shariah.

Frankly, we think there are mountains of evidence to justify bias against shariah, but what makes this case of interest here on SFW is the fact that Zaatiti’s father lists his occupation as a “financial adviser according to sharia law.”

That may have contributed to the judge’s reluctance to grant bail, a position we would support wholeheartedly…

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