posted by Christopher W. Holton

We have long maintained that shariah-compliant finance is a modern day Trojan horse through which Jihadists seek to embed Shariah inside the West through non-violent economic means.

Nowhere has this campaign been more successful in the West than the United Kingdom. Of course, the UK has already endured a civilization jihad campaign characterized by the erosion of free speech (witness the imprisoning of Tommy Robinson), the development of what are essentially shariah ghettos in which local Imams control much of what goes on, the de facto recognition of polygamous Muslim marriages and, last but not least, the operation of some 85 shariah courts operating openly in the UK.

Given all this, one might say that shariah finance actually lags behind. Not for long we’re afraid. The UK, and London in particular, has for several years openly expressed the intention for London to become the Western center for shariah finance. Scores of firms have been expanding shariah finance and shariah banking operations in the UK for years.

Not surprisingly, that’s not enough. The financial jihadists are now calling for an overhaul of British tax laws to make shariah-compliant products more attractive to consumers…We have no doubt that the establishment politicians in the UK will comply…

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