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Recently the Free Beacon ran a report summarizing the influence operations being run by Qatar here in the U.S. Those influence operations are generated largely thanks to massive amounts of money…

“The reason they’re so helpful in counter-terror operations is because they know all the terrorists because they fund them,” according to Jim Hanson, a former U.S. special forces officer who now serves as president of the Security Studies Group. “They are deeply in bed with all the bad guys so they us on all sides. They use us as air cover for their malign influence to all the extremist groups around the world.”

…experts worried that Qatar’s stealth funding of American universities and think-tanks could lead to Doha underwriting U.S. foreign policy in the region.

Qatar has “spent billion of dollars in the U.S. trying to influence not just colleges … but also public schools and police departments,” said Gregg Roman, chief operations officer of the Middle East Forum, which sponsored the event along with numerous other non-profit organizations devoted to studying the Middle East.

Through its Qatar Foundation International, or QFI, a mostly state-run group, the government in Doha has doled out more than one billion dollars to American universities, according to Oren Litwin, of the Middle East Forum’s Islamist Money in Politics Project.

“Qatar has become the single highest funder of American universities,” Litwin said, explaining that many of the programs focus on Arab language training but also include a level of cultural indoctrination sympathetic to Doha.

Qatar also funds anywhere from 2,500 to 3,000 training programs for American students in various schools across the country, Litwin said.

Read more at the Free Beacon…

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