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Somalians ‘won’t integrate’

A Somalian woman who came to Norway more than 10 years ago is harshly criticizing her fellow Somalian immigrants and Norwegian authorities. In a new book, she claims Somalians themselves don’t want to integrate into Norwegian society, and that Norwegian welfare programs make it easy for them to remain isolated.

A Somalian immigrant in Oslo is blasting her fellow Somalians for resisting integration. The Norwegian welfare system lets them get away with it, she claims.


Bashe Musse is among the Somalian activists in Norway who’s bashing the Somalian woman’s book. He says she’s a coward for not writing under her own name, and notes that integration is a process that takes time.


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The book written by Amal Aden, a pseudonym for the Somalian author, is already creating an uproar. Amal Aden wouldn’t use her own name because of fears for her own safety.

In an interview with newspaper Aftenposten, the author said she hopes to launch a new debate on immigration and what can be done to further integration.

“I wrote the book in the hopes that children will get better lives,” she said. “I want to see more integration, and the responsibility for that lies with the Somalians themselves and with the authorities.”

She claims that resistance to integration is widespread especially among Somalian men, who fear losing their culture and religion. Many are afraid of Norwegians and view them as infidels who can’t be trusted.

In her book, continue reading at…..http://www.aftenposten.no/english/local/article2616711.ecenue

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