What Is Sharia Finance? Don’t Ask the Treasury

As news reports trickle in indicating that the overwhelming majority of American Muslims voted for Barack Obama, the Wahhabi/Muslim Brotherhood-dominated Muslim establishment can barely conceal its glee at the prospect of the Obama presidency opening vast new opportunities for radical Islam in America. Whether such hopes are realistic or not remains to be seen.  But, in the meantime, the outgoing administration with little fanfare and less notice has obligingly opened  yet another avenue for the Islamists to pursue their ultimate objective of imposing barbaric sharia law in America.

The event in question was a Treasury Department seminar held last week entitled “Islamic Finance 101.” The advertised purpose of the closed meeting was to provide Treasury regulators with objective information on Islamic Finance, a rapidly growing sector also known as Sharia-Compliant Finance (SCF). In reality, the seminar was little more than a government-sponsored promotion of the subversive Islamist agenda carried out under the Sharia Finance guise.

It couldn’t be any other way, given that not a single critic of SCF was invited and most of the “experts” present turned out to be Shariah finance promoters and practitioners with vested financial interests in the scheme and/or Islamist backgrounds or both.

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3 Responses to Center for Security Policy’s Alex Alexiev writes about the Shariah Finance Compliant Guise

  1. miira says:

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record, allow me to connect a couple of stealth jihad dots:

    quoting the linked humanevents article :

    Last but not least, there was the estimable Harvard professor Samuel Hayes, a long-time fixture at Harvard’s Wahhabi-funded Islamic Finance Project, aka, King Fahd Chair of Sharia Studies. A key player at the yearly sharia finance propaganda forums at Harvard, Professor Hayes advises Arcapita Inc., an Islamic investment fund, in his spare time, perhaps providing scholarly input to the company’s recent order to a Church’s Chicken franchise owner to stop selling pork.

    Harvard is bought and paid for by Saudi interests.

    Saudi Prince Gives Millions to Harvard and Georgetown (reported Dec 2005)

    Within one year of that announcement we read:

    Harvard in biggest curriculum overhaul in 30 years

    Lan Astaslem.

  2. miira says:

    Yes, They Can … Impose Sharia Law
    By Frank J. Gaffney Jr. 11/13/08

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