Yesterday a British newspaper attempted to spell out for its readers just what Shariah is.

Their efforts were not successful.

In the article, author Nick Harries, claims that in Saudi Arabia and Sudan, Shariah exists alongside secular law. This is completely incorrect. Shariah is the full and final authority in Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Iran (another nation which Harries fails to mention).

There is nothing secular about the rule of law in Saudi Arabia and, while Harries points out that Shariah has brought about abuses in Afghanistan, he excludes any mention at all of the myriad abuses codified by Shariah in Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Iran.

The most important point that a Westerner can take from all this is that the three countries in which Shariah is most prevalent and unchallenged, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Iran, have two things in common:

1. Horrible human rights records.

2. Sponsorship, both official and private sector, of Jihadist terrorist organizations which are enemies of the West, such as HAMAS, Al Qaeda and Hezbollah.


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