There are two news stories out of Malaysia this week which, at first glance, appear unrelated.

But they’re not unrelated. They have a common thread: Shariah.

The first item is about a 32-year old woman in Malaysia who was sentenced to caning by a Shariah court (a form of flogging) for drinking a beer:

The second item is about a course in “Islamic finance” held in Malaysia by the Islamic Development Bank:

Too often, Westerners tend to separate these two integral aspects of Shariah: the maltreatment of women and the spread of Shariah through Shariah-Compliant Finance.

There is, in fact, no separation. 

Shariah is not a smorgasbord of laws and customs from which people are free to pick and choose. Shariah is a rigid doctrine, “allah’s sacred law,” which is not a subject for debate. Make no mistake: those who are pushing the spread of Shariah-Compliant Finance know this and believe it with all their hearts. And they are a patient lot. Maybe women’s rights in the West won’t be infected with Shariah in our lifetimes, but as Shariah creeps into our society, culture, law and financial system, what will happen over the course of time to Western civilization while our children are still alive?

If we don’t take a stand against Shariah NOW, it will make it that much harder for our children to stand up to Shariah tomorrow.


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