Some still deny that zakat, a form of tithing to charity in Islam, funds Jihad.

Today we find the latest evidence of this purpose for zakat. It comes to us from the Islamist web site,

This popular Muslim web site has a fiqh section dedicated to answering questions about Shariah.

Here is a question and answer that were featured on the site today:

Question: A trustworthy man says that he is able to take the Zakat and give it to a trustworthy person to give to the mujahideen. May I give him the Zakat of my wealth or is there a better place to give my Zakat? It is difficult for me as a woman to search for those people who are in need and deserving.

Response: It is correct to give the Zakat to the mujahideen as the scholars have stated, since they are fighting the disbelieving enemy. If a person knows someone that he has reason to trust, it is permissible for him to give him the Zakat to send it to the mujahideen or one may send it with a trustworthy person to them. In doing so, one has fulfilled his responsibility of paying Zakat and his reward will be from Allah.


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