by Christopher W. Holton

For several years now, Africa has been a focal point of financial Jihadists and violent Jihadists alike.

The violent Jihadists–Boko Haram, Al Shabaab and Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb–have wreaked havoc from one end of the dark continent to the other.

The financial Jihadists’ quest has been just as relentless, albeit in a quiet manner.

Their latest campaign is being waged in Uganda, which has, up until now, resisted calls to accommodate Shariah finance.

But now the financial Jihadists are urging Muslims–who have lived in Uganda without Shariah finance for literally hundreds of years–to push for the accommodation of the system in Uganda’s banking sector. They are doing this under the bogus claim that Muslim Ugandans cannot bank in Uganda because of the Shariah prohibition of interest.

The fact is there is an exception of extreme necessity in Shariah which allows Muslims to bank conventionally when no other bank is available. Ugandan Muslims have been doing so for years and years.

This isn’t about saving Ugandan from interest; it’s about gaining access to Uganda for Shariah, the enemy threat doctrine…



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