A report claims that the Islamic State is running out of money because so many people are fleeing its lands.

The Jihadist terrorist group is haemorrhaging cash and cannot raise more through taxation because of the plummeting population in the territory the Caliphate controls.

Its coffers have also been hit by the chaos gripping its previously slick social media operation following the death of the jihadis’ technical mastermind in a US drone strike.

Now sources from within the hate group’s territories have revealed how cash-flow problems mean it is struggling to keep the promises it has made to lure western jihadis to its cause.

Jihadi commanders are spending more money on weapons than on feeding their own people, but allied airstrikes and falling oil prices have decimated the so-called Caliphate’s economy.

And the cash flow from foreign donors is thought to have dried up following the death of British jihadi Junaid Hussain in a US drone strike last month.

American intelligence sources have revealed that the Islamic State’s online activity has fallen since its technical mastermind Hussain – known by the nomme de guerre Abu Hussain al-Britaini – was blown up along with his two bodyguards.

Hussain had masterminded a complex program of recruitment, hacking and online scams which raised much-needed cash for the terrorist group.

As a result ISIS is trying to turn to taxation to raise cash, but the eight million impoverished people who remain in its lands are unable to pay, whilst millions others have left with their money for a new life in Europe.

The non-profit Rand Corporation estimated that the Islamic State earned £920million in 2014, but nearly half of that was one-time money that came from robbing Iraqi banks.

It is thought that the salaries of its fighters alone are costing the group around £236m a year.

Experts have predicted that IS will have an increasing problem funding its terrorist operations as more and more people flee its lands and tax revenues dry up.

As a result it may turn increasingly to encouraging lone-wolf attacks in other nations, with Malaysia this week raising its threat level over fears of an IS inspired attack.




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